Mexico City – 2017

I’m Eddie, and this is my site.

I wanted a place where I can showcase photos from where I’ve been. Before this, I posted all of my photos to Facebook, but not all of my friends are into travel in the same way and they think my Big Nerdy Camera is obnoxious. So I started my own site. My base goal is sharing photos and stories, and we’ll see where this goes from there.

I’m based in Seattle with my cat and hold an ordinary 9-5. When I have downtime, I go places around the city. When I’m able to scrap the cash together, I go more far-flung places.

These days, I’m shooting on a Nikon D3400; before it was my dad’s old Nikon D70. The 3400 isn’t the most powerful camera on the market, but it’s a solid camera which will serve my purpose of chronicling my adventures around the world.

So welcome to my site. I’m glad you’re here.

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