Downtown Seattle and Elliot Bay Coastline

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In an attempt to meet people as well as finally explore the downtown Seattle waterfront that overlooks Elliot Bay, I joined a photo walking tour. Was it a fun way to get out and see the touristy spots of downtown Seattle? Yes. Would I do it again? Maybe. 

Editor’s note: this post will be more photos and less travel tips and fun narratives.

The start of the tour

If you’ve never done a photo walk before (I found mine on, they’re exactly what they sound like: a group of people with cameras of varying levels of bells and whistles meet in a common area and we all talk pictures of the same things. Some users are better than others and if you look at the log of all the photos (here’s the Flickr page), you can see the varying levels of photographers represented. 

We met in Pioneer Square though I didn’t start taking photos until we got to Occidental Square. There, I found wooden totem pole art pieces. 

Wood Statue in Pioneer Square Seattle

There were no descriptions, so I don’t have much to say about them. Again, this is more about “pretty pictures” and less about how I got around. 

And as if I needed more pictures of Smith Tower than I already had, I tried my hand at framing it a little differently. 

Smith Tower from Pioneer Square Seattle

From Occidental Square, we went down a side alley. I don’t think it wasn’t just some alley that we happened to venture down but was instead an alley with an art history degree. Most of the walls were decorated with miniature statues, slogans, and other artsy touches. 

Back Alley - Pioneer Square Seattle

Out over Elliot Bay

As we walked, the group got more and more spread out. I was with my people, but the common tread of conversation was “Where is the group?” and “Which way are we supposed to go?” Eventually, we gave up the group walk and we meandered our own way up the piers that look out to Elliot Bay.

Elliot Bay Seattle

Elliot Bay Seattle + Ferris Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel - Pier 57

From these piers, ferries go across the bay to Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, West Seattle, and more. One of the things on my “List of things I must do” that’s growing ever longer is to go across the bay. Right now, my list is about a thousand miles long, but I’ll get through it all. Someday.

Elliot Bay Seattle

There was an art installation. It was a bunch of square stones with water flowing over them. I have to explain it because I didn’t get a wide angle of the whole fountain. I got wrapped up in taking pictures of the water. 

water flowing

Before we left the waterfront, I snapped a picture of what I jokingly called “The Bridge to Nowhere”. 

“About that time…”

There was no set end time for this photowalk in the same way that there was no set path. As the afternoon pressed on and we all had other places to be, we decided to end our walk at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Olympic Statue Park Seattle

From which, I caught my first glimpse of the Space Needle.

Space Needle from Olympic Statue Park Seattle

I didn’t go up because it’s like $30 and it’s cloudy so you can’t see the Olympic Mountains, but when it’s warmer, it’s on the list. 

Further Reading

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And because I want to share it, here’s a picture of my cat:

Cat on couch sleeping curled up

See you next week.

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  1. A photo walk is definitely a good idea to see the area and meet people. It is hard to keep the group together though especially if you have various levels and interests. When I was in Seattle, I didn’t go up the space needle either, I just didn’t have time. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

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