First Tour: Seattle

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I’ve done a terrible job of updating this blog with any sort of regularity. Turns out that moving eats up a lot of your free time. But as I’m getting settled in Seattle, I’m finding the time to upload things to my blog like my meandering excursion a few weeks back around Pike Place Market, the Gum Wall, and a few other places.

The Pike Place Market

I had no agenda for my afternoon, so I opted to meander around the downtown area. In a city like Seattle, this is a ill-advised because it’s not a strict grid like it looks like on the map. As I got closer to the water, I entered a myriad of pedestrian bridges that went over other streets and highways. Soon, the Pike Place Market for which I was aiming was a quarter mile behind me.

I soon stumbled upon a fence with some tags on it.

Seattle Charms at the Pike Place Market

At first I thought these might be dog tags for fallen soldiers, or maybe a memorial to some tragedy. I thought that because, as you can see in the above image, some of the tags say things like “Gone but not forgotten.”

Turns out, they’re charms you can buy through Pike Place Market to mean whatever you so choose.

Once I’d wandered my way back to the market (through pedestrian bridges that might also lead to Narnia), I joined the herd of tourists taking pictures of the market.

Sign at Pike Place Market - Seattle

Sign at Pike Place Market - Seattle

But can you blame me? I love neon. And the city of Seattle is chalk-full of the stuff.

Sign at Pike Place Market - Seattle

Of course, I had to end with the most cliche picture of all time: the outside of the market.

Iconic Sign at Pike Place Market Seattle

I had to stand at an angle because the sun was beginning to set behind this sign, blowing out my pictures.

As I stood with all of the other tourists taking pictures on their phones, I came to the deep understanding that there will probably never be a unique picture of this facade ever again.

Yet there I stood, taking my own photo as it helped me remember where I was. And really, what kind of Seattle post doesn’t include something about Pike Place Market?

The Gum Wall

I learn a lot about myself when traveling. One  thing that I’ve learned is my inconsistency with researching before I go. This was painfully evident while when I saw signs for The Gum Wall, I thought “That sounds neat!”

But it was not.

Seattle Gum Wall

It was much more gag-inducing than I imagined possible.

Seattle Gum Wall

The Rest of Seattle

Determined to get my stomach back, I left the Market area, and set out to explore the downtown area. In doing so, I learned a fun facts about Seattle: namely, there are some serious hills in the city.

4th Avenue - Seattle

I also learned that the downtown area is a mix of old buildings and new ones that have a mirrored-finish and blend into the sky.

F5 Tower The Mark Seattle

As I kept walking, I came to the Smith Tower. When it was built in 1914, it was the tallest building outside of New York City.

Smith Tower Seattle

The last place I saw as I got close to my home was the King Street Station and Union Station (which, as I did with Chicago’s Union station, I insisted on calling it “Onion Station”):

King Street Station Seattle

Union Station Seattle

In my next outing, I took pictures of the seafront and stuff as part of a Photography Meetup group.

That’ll be next week’s post though.

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  1. Beautiful photos of Seattle. I’m determined to make a weekend there (at least) soon. Maybe 2019 will the be Seattle year. One really has to wonder why someone thought the gum wall was a good idea. Looking forward to seeing your photos of the seafront!

  2. I visited Seattle during my very first Thanksgiving in the US and it hols a special place in my heart. It’s like going back in time to the 90s (in parts anyway). I loved it… but didn’t go see the gum wall 😉

  3. I have only spent a few days in Seattle so looking forward to learning more about it. Of course, I had to go to the market! I have heard of gum walls in other places and I always try to avoid them! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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