My New Nikon D3400 and Trip to Montreal

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A quick update about how things are going: Sarah and I leave for Montreal and Quebec City at the end of the month, and second, my new Nikon D3400 arrived!

Montreal and Quebec City

Right: Montreal at Night (Photo Cred. –
Left: Château Frontenac (Photo Cred: – Wikipedia)

Itching to get out of the country again, Sarah and I found non-stop tickets from Chicago to Montreal for ~$280 RT (American Airlines and Air Canada). We’re leaving after Christmas and will be in Montreal for four days, and Quebec City (QC) for three. We’re planning on hitting a lot of the must-sees in both cities and eating all of the poutine we can stomach. I initially lobbied to see a Habs game at Centre Bell but tickets were $70 for cheap seats against San Jose and neither Sarah nor I wanted to shell out that kind of money to see two teams that we don’t care about.

Among the sights we plan on seeing, I’m most excited to see Old Montreal and Old Quebec, but also the Château Frontenac that sits on the St Lawrence river. Sarah is mostly excited because she gets to practice her French on which she’s worked so hard for the past year.

I’ll post photos once we get back. It’ll be a whole series. It’ll be great.

I Bought A New Toy

Black Friday happens to the best of us, and I am not immune. BestBuy has the Nikon D3400 on sale for $500, and I could not resist. This camera has been the darling in my mind for the past six months, and I couldn’t say no.

Those who know cameras know that I was long overdue for a new one. All photos up until now have been shot in my hand-me-down Nikon D70. While I love it, there are certain shortcomings that I’m looking forward to this new camera correcting, most notably the poor low-light abilities and finally being able to use an SD card (instead of a Compact Flash card).

My New Nikon D3400

Nikon D3400 Kit

My red Nikon D3400 is not the most powerful camera on the market, nor does it have all the bells and whistles. It’s a solid lightweight mid-range camera for non-professional use that still has enough features to make me giddy.

If you buy it kitted out like I did, the Nikon D3400 comes with the stock 18-55mm lens, an optional 70-300mm zoom lens, a Nikon camera case (if you order through Amazon, it might be an Amazon-branded bag), and a 14-piece cleaning and accessories kit.

This weekend, I plan on going to Chicago’s Christkindlmarket and bringing it along as a test. If the photos turn out, I’ll post them here. I’m optimistic that they’ll be good quality because look at this photo of one of our cats:

Our black cat Sweet Pea

Anyway, that’s a quick update about what’s been happening around here. My next post will be back to your regularly scheduled programming, continuing the Nashville series.

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