The Love Museum in Seoul and A Goodbye to Korea

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Our trip was coming to an end. We took the train back to Seoul and with our last partial day in the city to see The Love Museum in Seoul which was… not what we expected. But we’ll get to that in a bit. 

Seoul Train

The train ride back was routine, though I want to share my photos of the Singyeongju Train Station.

Singyeongju Station

Singyeongju Station

When we arrived back in Seoul, we went to our AirBnB that overlooked Seoul Station downtown. Our room itself was comically small. On the 21st floor of a building near downtown, it had a galley kitchen that was wide enough for one person and one single 9’x9′ room that held one bed and a modest TV.This, clearly, was not a room for a homebody with a ton of possessions. But two walls were windows and it gave us a wonderful view of the downtown area which meant that, once again, I tried my hand at night photography with an old camera.  

Seoul Station

Seoul Station

From what I gather, a lot of these apartments are used by people during the week, and then they go home to outer cities on the weekend. They’re also not cheap for what you get meaning you’re definitely paying for the location. But it gave us a wonderful backdrop to which we got a great night’s sleep.

The Love Museum

The last thing we wanted to hit before our flight left was The Love Museum. 

I’d read online about two places that I, being a ten-year old at heart, wanted to see: The Museum of Health and Sex on Jeju Island Haesindang Park in the east of the country. I don’t know the whole story behind The Museum of Health and Sex, but the story Haesindang Park goes that it was created by a virgin who fell in love with a sailor who then died at sea before they could consummate their love. So she built a park full of phalluses. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go to either one because of their location but we did find a Love Museum in Seoul. So we thought It’s the same thing, right? This is gonna be great.

What we found wasn’t quite what we expected. You have to believe me when I say that we thought we’d find a more mature museum about penises, perhaps with some sort of context about what Korean fertility beliefs. Instead, it is a pop-art museum combining sexual imagery with beloved childhood icons and 50s style art.  And if we’d known that going in, we might have adjusted our plans accordingly.

Love Museum in Seoul

Love Museum in Seoul

Love Museum in Seoul

Love Museum in Seoul

Goodbye, Korea

And that was it. We went back to the airport, caught our flight to Shanghai, sprinted through Pudong Airport because our flight was late, and boarded a 777 that was Chicago-bound. I snapped this picture from the plane because in the week since we’d been there, I forgot how bad the pollution was.

Shanghai Pudong Airport

This is the last of my posts about what happened on this trip. Next up, I’ll be going through and writing up some recommendations for what you should do if you want to travel to South Korea.

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