Spa Days and Water Falls: A Day at Siberia Spa and Montmorency Falls

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On our last full day in Quebec City, we spend the morning relaxing at Siberia Spa. And since we had a rental car for the whole day, we also stopped at nearby Montmorency Falls.

“Treat Yo’Self”

As I alluded to in the last post, we weren’t sure if we actually had an appointment at Siberia Spa, but we decided to rent a car and find out.

Sarah booked us massages as part of a Christmas gift. She met someone abroad who mentioned Siberia Spa specifically by name as being expensive but one of the best ways to spend a morning. We figured that, even if our massage appointments had been lost in the ether, we could still enjoy a day of relaxation at the renowned spa.

Siberia Spa in Quebec City

Our gamble paid off. We had two appointments for that morning at 9 am, and what followed as was one of the best of my life an hour long massages of my life.

Melting (and Freezing) the Stress Away

After getting the stressed worked out by a masseuse with heavenly hands, we spent a few hours at the spa part of the spa. 

The hot places were every bit as fantastic as you’d expect them to be, especially on a cold day like this one. I could have spent hours in each of them, but that isn’t healthy.

The real humdinger was the cold spaces, or rather leaving them. While the water was cold, it was 0°F outside and the water froze almost instantly on my skin when I stood up. I thought that I’d get used to it, but Sarah and I yelped like a kicked dog whenever we got out of the water. The staff eventually told us to stop making noises because the outside area is a silent zone for maximum relaxation. We decided to stop the cold water treatments.

Siberia Spa in Quebec City

After three hours at the spa, and I felt like a new man.

Montmorency Falls

After leaving our stresses behind, we drove over to the Hôtel de Glace, but didn’t go in. Why? Well, we didn’t want to pay the $30 a piece to get in. Honestly, at this point in the trip, we were over things that were attractions for attraction’s sake.

So instead we drove up the banks of the St. Lawrence River to Montmorency Falls. Montmorency Falls ranks among the largest waterfalls in North America—larger than Niagara Falls. Today, like everything else in Canada, it was frozen.

Montmorency Falls - Quebec

Montmorency Falls - Quebec

We took the upper road to a footbridge crosses that above the falls. The path we took (to the upper footbridge) consists of wooden decking, so anyone can hike it, though it was a bit treacherous because of the snowpack and ice.

Bridge over Montmorency Falls - Quebec

There’s a cable car that runs from the upper parking lot to the lower one. During the winter, you can walk on the frozen river and stand at the base of the falls. We didn’t do that because my sense of self-preservation is too strong. Instead we enjoyed the views that our high vantage point afforded us.

Ridge at Montmorency Falls - Quebec

This was the view looking straight down from the footbridge:

Frozen Montmorency Falls - Quebec

And finally, we got a fantastic view of Ile de Orleans across the river.

Ile de Orleans from Montmorency Falls - Quebec

After we’d finished at Montmorency Falls, we started to look at what else we could see in the area. We found the Sanctuaire de Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré and dog sledding on Ile de Orleans, but it was getting dark. I took this picture at 3 pm:

Footbridge over Ridge at Montmorency Falls - Quebec

With things closing early and the sun fading fast, we returned the rental car, found dinner, and quietly enjoyed our last night in Quebec City. It seemed a fitting end to our trip.

In the coming weeks, I’ll go over five things that I wish I’d known before we left as well as tips and advice for those looking to go to Quebec in the winter.

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  1. Wow, I hear you on the self preservation thing! Those views of the people waiting are pretty amazing. I can almost feel the cold reading this post. #farawayfiles

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